Double Meaning

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Working at the grocery warehouse on the night shift is hard.  I lost one of the two invoice NCR books in my possession. My right hand was cramping so I cut some corners and quickly jotted down the order on the invoice sheet.

I rushed towards my manger Mike, thrusting the paper towards him.

“Daisy look at this!” He said

I took the invoice back and understood what he thought I was implying.

I wrote hug,smile,kiss,for,Daisy.

I added three fives and gave the paper back to him.

“You know about workplace conduct..”

I snatched the paper realizing what was wrong. I wrote the corrections 5 cases of Hug juices, 5 cases of Smile pizza, 5 cases of Hersey kisses,and 4 cases of Daisy black tea.

The embarrassing thing about this interaction was that Justine, one of my co workers, told him that I liked him earlier.

I was just trying to cut corners nothing more.

Dave’s First Day

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Dave just got a new job last week, and today is his first day of training. He is working at the big factory they just built, and he was excited to get started. He was working exactly the hours he wanted to, and at great pay to boot. Things couldn’t be going better for Dave right now. He discovered the topic of today’s training as soon as he arrived at work. Today, they were to learn about water filtration media. This seemed simple enough. After all, Dave had been around water his whole life. What’s to know? The training started with a short video outlining the company and their mission. Then speakers came in to discuss the topic. All in all, it was a very engaging and informative day. If this training is this engaging, Dave wondered just how awesome his new job was going to be. He felt an excitement on his way home.

A Day to Remember

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It is hard to believe that one of the most important days of my life is finally here. All the stress that was involved in the planning has come to an end. Everything is set and nothing will go wrong. The weather is perfect for the seaside wedding and reception. There is no need to worry about the back-up plan today. The guests have arrived and my mother is finally smiling. The mild breeze has begun to turn into a gusty wind. The blue sky is now dark and a roar of thunder can be heard in the distance. Lighting is coloring the sky. I did not order wedding fireworks. Everyone is running for cover and mother is yelling at me that we should have gone with the back-up plan. My next big event I will check the weather not once but several times. What a day to remember.

Stay on Budget on your Memorable Vacations amidst oilfields!

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Dubai vacations are amazing. It has beautiful cities, beautiful beaches, and an amazing weather, you name it. However, it is also one of the most expensive cities of the Middle East.

Fortunately, there are many budget Dubai hotels that won’t cost you whole budget just to stay there. They offer you everything you need: great rooms, great service, close to the attractions. Best of all, they won’t cost you thousands of dollars a night.

The first is Queens Hotels Dubai. It is in Deira district, which is in the center of Dubai, close to spice market and Gold souk.

The second is Panorama Hotel. It is located right in the center of Bur Dubai City on the Al Mankhool Road. It’s just five minutes ride from the commercial areas of the city and trade center. It also offers an English pub if you need some taste at home.

Lastly, you can stay at Rush Inn Hotel. It is also in the middle of the city, so you won’t sacrifice location for price. It might look like an ordinary building, but you will be surprised by the quality of its rooms and service.

Just know that there are many alternative even when you are traveling to expensive locations. If you can’t spend more, then opt for budget accommodation. Read reviews of all those who’ve gone before you to unearth amazing travel experiences on a budget.

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