A Day to Remember

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It is hard to believe that one of the most important days of my life is finally here. All the stress that was involved in the planning has come to an end. Everything is set and nothing will go wrong. The weather is perfect for the seaside wedding and reception. There is no need to worry about the back-up plan today. The guests have arrived and my mother is finally smiling. The mild breeze has begun to turn into a gusty wind. The blue sky is now dark and a roar of thunder can be heard in the distance. Lighting is coloring the sky. I did not order wedding fireworks. Everyone is running for cover and mother is yelling at me that we should have gone with the back-up plan. My next big event I will check the weather not once but several times. What a day to remember.

Stay on Budget on your Memorable Vacations amidst oilfields!

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Dubai vacations are amazing. It has beautiful cities, beautiful beaches, and an amazing weather, you name it. However, it is also one of the most expensive cities of the Middle East.

Fortunately, there are many budget Dubai hotels that won’t cost you whole budget just to stay there. They offer you everything you need: great rooms, great service, close to the attractions. Best of all, they won’t cost you thousands of dollars a night.

The first is Queens Hotels Dubai. It is in Deira district, which is in the center of Dubai, close to spice market and Gold souk.

The second is Panorama Hotel. It is located right in the center of Bur Dubai City on the Al Mankhool Road. It’s just five minutes ride from the commercial areas of the city and trade center. It also offers an English pub if you need some taste at home.

Lastly, you can stay at Rush Inn Hotel. It is also in the middle of the city, so you won’t sacrifice location for price. It might look like an ordinary building, but you will be surprised by the quality of its rooms and service.

Just know that there are many alternative even when you are traveling to expensive locations. If you can’t spend more, then opt for budget accommodation. Read reviews of all those who’ve gone before you to unearth amazing travel experiences on a budget.

The Day I Became a Clown!

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As a kid, I loved the circus, especially when the clown circus workshops. Unlike a lot of kids, I wasn’t afraid of clowns: I thought they were hilarious. Call me old fashioned, but I wanted to be one.

One year, my parents let me enroll in the clown workshop. The friendly lead clown, named Boffo, helped me pick out a funny outfit, applied makeup on my face, picked out a wig for me to wear, and gave me a red clown nose. I, however, picked the name: Laugho!

They gave me a quick rundown on basic clown humor styles, and soon I was clowning down! My parents laughed at my antics, and Boffo smiled in approval. I even got some of the passing kids to laugh, and start begging their parents to let them be a clown.

Although I never clowned again, I still think back fondly on that day.

Greg’s Dream Collection

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None of Greg’s friends would accompany him to the new mall, citing his weird hobby as their reason for refusal.

So Greg went alone, which was better anyway. He started on the east end of the mall, and worked his way west, stopping at each and every store. Then he went up the escalator and worked his way from west to east on the upper level, again stopping at each and every store.

When he had visited every place of business, he settled himself at a table in the food court and sorted into alphabetical order the business cards he had collected from each store. His goal was to have one for each letter of the alphabet. But the mall had failed him. It didn’t have shops starting with “K” or “Q” or “Y.” He sighed. Would he ever get the whole alphabet in one visit to one mall?

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